6 Benefits of Using Google Maps for Your Business
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Google Maps can be used to help customers locate a business address. Here are a few advantages of using online mapping tools.

Features of a Good Online Map and a Terrible Online Map
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Features of a good map design enhance the user experience. Learn what distinguishes a good map design from a terrible map design.

Brief History of Aerial Surveys and Their Applications
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Study the history of aerial photography and surveying technology. Learn about the latest advances in drone technology and its applications.

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About Us

The Global Mapping Services magazine provides informative articles about the aerial photography and surveying industry.

Find out how online mapping services make it possible for customers to find businesses online. Entrepreneurs can find helpful mapping tools online to make the location of their business more accessible and visible to prospective customers.

Learn how prestigious tourist destinations like casinos integrate mapping tools with their websites to make it easier for avid players to find their way to the casino. The location of a business can be added to a website or an app to make it more accessible to the target market.

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Would you let a self-driving car take you to an entertainment destination? Companies like Lyft are partnering with Mapping Services and other industries to make fully automated self-driving cars a reality. Self-driving cars could soon be a reality for commuters around the world.

Discover the advantages of using Google Maps for your business. The ease of sharing locations and addresses simplifies business logistics. Online mapping services can help you to avoid traffic congestion or accidents on your way to an important meeting.

Good online maps make it easier for people to get to their destination. Learn about features that define good maps and bad maps. Make sure that the information on the map is easy to understand. Google Maps provide the user with high-quality maps and an exceptional user experience.

The history of aerial photography and surveying is fascinating. Look back at the industry over the last two centuries. Learn how the concept of aerial photography was first envisioned at the start of the 19th century. Aerial photography and drone technology are being used by many industries and hobbyists today for a variety of applications.

You can learn more about the aerial photography industry by studying various books on the topic. Find insightful information on this site that will pique your interest in aerial photography and surveying.