6 Benefits of Using Google Maps for Your Business
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Google Maps can be used to help customers locate a business address. Here are a few advantages of using online mapping tools.

Features of a Good Online Map and a Terrible Online Map
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Features of a good map design enhance the user experience. Learn what distinguishes a good map design from a terrible map design.

Brief History of Aerial Surveys and Their Applications
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Study the history of aerial photography and surveying technology. Learn about the latest advances in drone technology and its applications.

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You don’t need a degree or qualification to show an interest in aerial photography and surveying. Hobbyists are increasingly using drones to capture their experiences from the sky.

Watch these clips on YouTube about aerial photography, or you can find one of these books online to learn more about the art.

Aerial Geology: A High-Altitude Tour of North America by Mary Caperton Morton

Featured image Books Aerial Geology A High Altitude Tour of North America by Mary Caperton Morton - Books

Explore North America’s top 100 geological formations. Mary Caperton Morton takes readers on a journey to experience aerial and satellite photography at its finest. Look at detailed maps and diagrams that illustrate the geological and scientific processes. She also gives noteworthy details about how sites were formed.

This provides a fun way to learn about geological concepts. Aerial Geology is a great guide for geologists and the curious.

In Drone Photography: Art and Techniques Paperback by Jake Sugden

Featured image Books In Drone Photography Art and Techniques Paperback by Jake Sugden - Books

Drones are revolutionary for the average photographer. Learn about piloting, purchasing, and addressing all the legal matters surrounding flying a drone. This guide will help you to develop your skills to capture high-quality aerial photographs.

It teaches readers about lighting and focusing the camera while in the air. Some topics deal with flying the drone, and other issues discuss techniques of aerial photography. This practical guide shows you how to take better photographs from various heights and angles.

Aerial Photography and Image Interpretation by David P. Paine

Featured image Books Aerial Photography and Image Interpretation by David P Paine - Books

This textbook is for researchers and people who are interested in taking up aerial photography as a career. Technological advances in aerial photography present professionals with the tools, techniques, and methods to create and interpret aerial photographs.

The book also looks at space-based imaging platforms and sensors, including Landsat, lidar, thermal, and multispectral. Surveyors will find the latest information about remote sensing, digital orthophotography, photogrammetry, GPS technology, and the statistical analysis of mapping.

If you are interested to learn about aerial photography and using drones to survey the land from the sky, you can get in touch with Global Mapping Services to find out more.