The research and construction industries have benefitted from advances in aerial surveying technology. The idea of collecting data and imagery from the skies originated during the mid-19th century when the French photographer Gaspard-Félix Tournachon captured images over Paris in 1858.

These developments soon led to E.D. Archibald devising a method in 1882 of surveying an area from above without sending someone in an aircraft to do the work themselves. Aerial photography became increasingly used for mapping applications in the 20th century.

Most of the research done for aerial mapping and surveying was done to support logistical efforts during the First and Second World Wars. Aerial surveys could give war generals vital intelligence about the battlefield. Towards the end of the Second World War, aerial mapping and surveying technology progressed significantly.

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During the mid-20th century, photography was increasingly being used for construction projects, conservation, and efforts to rebuild or repair what was destroyed or damaged during the wars. After the first images of the Earth were released to the public, people had their first look at the planet from above.

As time went by, cameras were being installed on skyscrapers, masts, and other buildings to collect aerial surveying data. The quality of photographs and the data being collected from cameras only improved as time went by.

In the late 20th century, the idea of using unmanned drones to collect aerial data became increasingly popular. Large aircraft are expensive and use a lot of resources to maintain. Smaller unmanned aircraft have remained the most popular solution for conducting aerial surveys and taking photographs from the skies.

The start of the 21st century only showed an increased interest in drone technology. Drone technology finally became accessible to the public. This made it possible for filmmakers and ordinary people to take high-quality images of their activities from the sky. There is so much interest in this type of technology that it has become affordable for the average consumer.

Today, there are many companies and suppliers of drone technology that make aerial surveying a breeze. Completing construction projects or surveying an area is now almost unthinkable without using drone technology.