6 Benefits of Using Google Maps for Your Business
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Google Maps can be used to help customers locate a business address. Here are a few advantages of using online mapping tools.

Features of a Good Online Map and a Terrible Online Map
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Features of a good map design enhance the user experience. Learn what distinguishes a good map design from a terrible map design.

Brief History of Aerial Surveys and Their Applications
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Study the history of aerial photography and surveying technology. Learn about the latest advances in drone technology and its applications.

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YouTube Channels

If you are a fantastic photographer and if you are interested in aerial photography, you can follow any one of these YouTube channels to find out more about the booming industry. Learn about the basic applications of aerial photography and mapping, or learn how you can pursue a career in the field.

Drone Mapping for Construction: Complete Guide – The Drone Life

Featured image YouTube Channels Drone Mapping for Construction Complete Guide The Drone Life - YouTube Channels

Followers on this channel will learn about everything that has to do with drones, from flying to industrial applications. Find out about new concepts like orthomosaic drone maps. Learn about the benefits of drone mapping in construction and get some basic advice on how to use a drone to map a construction site.

This channel is for amateur building contractors and for construction companies that want to use drone mapping. Amateurs can also find out how to improve their piloting skills to offer their services to construction companies.

5 Key Benefits of Drones in Surveying and Mapping – Geospatial World

Featured image YouTube Channels 5 Key Benefits of Drones in Surveying and Mapping Geospatial World - YouTube Channels

This channel has more than 50,000 followers on YouTube, and it is still growing. The focus of these videos is largely on the Geology industry. In this video, you will find out about the applications of drone technology for surveying and mapping.

Drones can be used in industries like construction and mining. Topographical surveying is just a lot easier and faster with a drone. Learn about how drone technology has changed the surveying industry. Drones are often used by surveyors and GIS professionals in these videos.

Aerial Mapping Service: Dewalt Corporation – Kern Video Marketing

Featured image YouTube Channels Aerial Mapping Service Dewalt Corporation Kern Video Marketing - YouTube Channels

This video shows how the Dewalt Corporation has managed to launch one of the most advanced drone services in the mapping industry. Watch videos about aerial topographic mapping services. Find out why this technology is creating more opportunities for all kinds of industries. Learn about their services and products.

Follow these YouTube channels to quench your thirst for knowledge about Global Mapping Services and the technological advancements in aerial photography and surveying.